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Legalwise: Retail and Commercial Leasing Masterclass

Date: Friday, 09 September 2016
Time: 2:00pm - 5:15pm
Venue: Primus Hotel Sydney, Mezzanine, 339 Pitt St, Sydney

Garry Pritchard and Warwick van Ede spoke at this seminar. Their topics were: Tricky Issues and Current Cases in Commercial Leasing

'Hidden' indemnities and releases
Legal and valuation issues on determination of market rent
Getting a binding Agreement for Lease 

The Law Society of New South Wales Continuing Professional Development
Update on Leases half day seminar (for lawyers)

Date:  Friday 11 March 2016
Time:  9am-12.30pm
Venue:  Level 3, Law Society of NSW, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney

Warwick van Ede will be one of the speakers at this seminar.  He will be covering the following topics:

  • Penalties and Void clauses; and
  • Managing Risks and Liability in leases.


Television Education Network Webinar
Live Webinar: Commercial Leasing in New South Wales

Date:  Tuesday 15 March 2016
Time:  3pm-5pm

Warwick van Ede will be presenting a 2 hour webinar covering the following topics:

  • The commercial lease – key legal compliance requirements
  • Disclosure obligations in commercial leasing
  • Can a lease be entered into without a signed contract?
  • Face rent v. effective rent – An effective market rent review clause
  • What must you have “regard to” in rent reviews and what can be ignored?
  • Stamp duty and commercial leases – what’s payable and what’s not
  • Reevaluation of rent clauses - 122 Pitt Street Pty Ltd ACN 104 825 961 v Universal 1919 Pty Ltd (NSWSC)
  • Can a lease be avoided because the lessor is not in compliance with the law? - Polish Club Limited v Gnych [2014] NSWCA 321.

Churches + Property Seminar







Date:  Wednesday 21 October 2015
Time:  7pm
Venue:  St Anne's Ryde Anglican Church, 42 Church Street, Ryde

Warwick van Ede was a speaker at this seminar, covering the following topics:

  • Development Options (dealing with your church heirarchy, sale/development/joint venture, getting the documents right & some potentia pitfalls);

Other speakers at the event covered the following topics:

  • Practical Possibilities (The commercial deal - some possibilities, getting your site "in order", planning considerations - possibility and reality, a "mixed bag" of practical concerns);
  • Design & Construction (project management, contractual matters, development issues, masterplanning).

For more details or to ask us a question read the overview of the seminar here.

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