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Schools are obliged to investigate allegations of reportable conduct against staff. Emil Ford lawyers have conducted many such investigations, particularly where the allegations are very serious or where the person against whom the allegation is made is the Principal or someone related to or closely associated with the Principal.

Our Reports have received commendation from the NSW Ombudsman who has monitored some of our investigations.

In 2008, following the completion of an investigation, a Principal wrote:

Now that the process is finished, I would like to express my personal thanks for your advice and guidance and for your willingness to undertake the investigation.

I am confident that most teachers and principals in independent schools find the legal obligations of Child Protection daunting: I certainly do! The School’s ongoing relationship with you and your staff have provided staff (and board) with a re-assuring sense of security that the school is provided with sound legal advice "without fear or favour": we trust what you say, even if it is uncomfortable or confronting. No doubt you have plenty of practice in doing so, and the matters you address with us are sometimes relatively minor for you. Nevertheless, because of the context, they are usually not seen as minor for the school staff involved. Having strong and transparent advice is invaluable and makes a real difference to the work of the school.

I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you that you make a tangible difference in what is sometimes a difficult context for school staff.

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