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Emil Ford has a suite of policy and other documents available for fixed fees for educational institutions:

  • School Constitution (for company limited by guarantee)

  • Foundation Constitution (for company limited by guarantee)        

  • Rules for Building, Library and Scholarship Funds
    These rules satisfy ATO requirements.

  • Enrolment Policy
    This policy includes provisions to ensure that you do not run foul of the Disability Discrimination Act.

  • Enrolment Conditions
    These conditions, which we tailor to suit your school's requirements, are up-to-date and in clear, friendly language to ensure parents are comfortable agreeing to them.



  • Child Protection Policy
    This comprehensive policy incorporates all statutory amendments made to the law in recent years.

  • A Safe Learning and Working Environment
    This policy covers discrimination and harassment and includes bullying (and cyber bullying).  It applies to students and the staff.  It has a natural fit with the Child Protection Policy.

  • Licence to use room(s)
    This document can be used every time a school wishes to permit an outside person or organisation (for example, music teacher) to use a part of the school premises.  The fee is normally paid by the outsider.        

  • Credit Code Contract
    This contract can be used when parents cannot pay school fees on time and the school has agreed to allow the parents to pay by instalments. It complies with the uniform Consumer Credit Code and allows schools to charge interest on amounts outstanding, which schools cannot do without complying with the Code. The contract is designed to be completed by the school without reference to us. However, we will check the first one for you.

  • Workplace Surveillance Act Policy and Notice to Employees
    An employer is prohibited from carrying out surveillance of an employee at work unless it is in accordance with the Act.  Surveillance includes accessing computers used by the employee or camera surveillance. Surveillance cannot commence until an employee has been given 14 days notice. Evidence obtained against an employee cannot be used unless a notice has been given in accordance with the Act. There are penalties for breaches of the Act up to $5,500.

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