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Instructions for Appointment of Enduring Guardian

We suggest that you print this form out, read it and gather all the necessary information together before you begin. If you cannot answer any of the questions, please let us know and we will help you. For your records, please print a copy of the completed form prior to submitting it.

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The Guardianship Act says that the following people cannot be appointed:
(1) A person below the age of 18.
(2) A person who is professionally or administratively, directly or indirectly responsible for, or involved in the provision of any of the following for fee or reward to the person making the appointment:

(a) medical services (whether in a hospital, at home or otherwise).
(b) accommodation
(c) any other services to support the person making the appointment in his or her activities.

(3) A person who is the spouse, parent, child, brother or sister of a person of the kind referred to in (2).

You should consider appointing at least two Guardians so that if one is not able to act as a Guardian, either permanently or temporarily, the other will be available to act on your behalf.

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Joint or separate appointment

If I appoint two or more Guardians I want them to act:

Alternate Enduring Guardian

You may choose to appoint an alternate enduring guardian to act in place of your enduring guardian if he or she dies, resigns or becomes incapacitated. An alternate enduring guardian is not entitled to exercise functions until and unless that happens. You would normally not need an alternate enduring guardian if you have appointed more than one enduring guardian, but there is nothing to prevent you from doing so.
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