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Copyright & Licensing

 We want to help you with the complex challenges of copyright law, to help you protect this valuable resource and avoid infringing the copyright of others.

Unlike trade marks, designs and patents, in Australia you do not need to register your copyright works. Copyright protection arises automatically in qualifying works by virtue of the Copyright Act 1968. The challenge is determining whether your work qualifies and avoiding infringing someone else’s work.

Copyright extends to a broad category of works, including:

  • literary works
  • artistic works
  • software
  • audio recordings and music
  • film and dramatic works

There is also the separate but related concept of moral rights, which protects an author’s right to attribution and can protect the integrity of their work.

Since copyright extends to such broad categories of subject matter, it is important that you understand your potential rights and liabilities in copyright.

Licensing gives you the opportunity to commercialise or share your copyright with others, while controlling and regulating ownership of copyright.

We can assist you in preparing and reviewing:

  • licensing agreements
  • ownership agreements
  • assignments
  • employment and consulting contracts
  • confidentiality agreements

Please contact if you have a question about copyright/licensing.

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