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We believe that creativity and innovation should be celebrated and protected.

Design law provides a range of options and levels of protection to design creators.

A registered design protects the visual features of a product against infringing actions.

A registered design can also be used as a commercial tool to stop other parties from registering a similar design. Alternatively, a design owner can block similar designs by seeking publication of a design instead of registration.

There is an overlap between the automatic protection provided for by copyright and the protection of a registered design since copyright extends to artistic works including drawings, schematics and illustrations.

However, once a design has been applied industrially to a product, it loses its copyright protection.

For this reason, we encourage you to consider whether a concept or proposed product is suitable for design registration at an early stage.

We can assist you with:

  • advising on the suitability of a registered design
  • applying for registration or renewal of a design
  • actions for infringement of a registered design
  • licensing a registered design

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