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Trade Marks

Trade marks are a statement of an organisation’s identity.

We want to protect your catchy name, sparkling logo or unique initiative.

Trade marks can be registered in respect of words, phrases, sounds, shapes, logos and even smells.

Although there are some rights at common law, it is far easier to enforce and protect a trade mark if it is registered. In Australia, trade marks are registered with IP Australia. Under the Madrid protocol, trade marks can also be registered in participating countries through IP Australia.

Our intellectual property law team is ready to assist at every stage of a trade mark’s life:

  • Searching the IP Australia database for similar or conflicting trade marks
  • Submitting a trade mark application
  • Addressing issues with an existing trade mark application
  • Renewing a trade mark
  • Trade mark infringement

 Please contact if you have a question about trade marks.

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