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Much is said about governance these days, particularly in relation to not-for-profit organisations.  Is it all just theory (hot air)?  We don't believe this.  We see good governance as practical, make-a-difference practices.  Would your organisation suffer if it had no board?  We hope not but fear that, for many, the board's absence would not be noticed.  How can your board improve its effectiveness?  One way is to learn from others.  The recently published Leading with Intent:  A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices is well worth a look at in this regard.

A comprehensive survey of not-for-profit board practices, policies and performance in the US, Leading with Intent considers why not-for-profit leaders give their boards a "B minus" in overall performance and analyses what can be done about this.

Emil Ford Lawyers have for decades provided practical governance advice to not-for-profit leaders and boards operating across the spectrum: relief of poverty and disadvantage, education, media, museums and the arts, youth work, faith-based mission and more.  Our lawyers are able to combine their legal expertise with many years of experience serving on not-for-profit boards, often as the chair.  If your board wants to be intentional about good governance, if the board really wants to adopt good governance practices so that it can make a positive difference, contact or to see how we can help:  perhaps some training for your board members or some one-on-one consultation with your chair.

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