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We act for landlords and tenants in commercial, industrial, retail and residential premises. Our advice extends to:

  • Preparing and negotiating leases
  • Transfers of leases
  • Surrenders of leases
  • Defaulting tenants
  • Issues with the Retail Leases Act

We have systems in place to enable us to issue or deal with leases quickly, and we always want to hear if our clients feel that we have not met their expectations. Where we act for landlords with many tenants we sit down with the client and together develop systems and documents which will ensure that the work is performed efficiently and cheaply.

Leases can become delayed by arguments over detail. We avoid this happening by drafting commercially realistic leases and by being commercial and practical in the advice we give. 


Here are some issues which have been considered in our leasing notes. Please email us if you would like to be on our distribution list.

Heads of Agreement - What's in a name?

Can you remember what you said? Always keep notes.

Should a new lease be signed when a tenant exercises an option?

Landlords and tenants should make sure that any notice they give is clear

Insurance issues for Landlords and Tenants

What if a Tenant thinks the Landlord's legal costs are too high?

When can a Landlord keep fixtures installed by the tenant after a lease expires?

Shopping Centre Cleaning Practices (What to do when the chips are down)

Shopping Centre Cleaning Practices (What to do when the chips are down Part 2) 




































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