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The Emil Ford Property Development team provides advice and service to clients in the property development and construction industry.  We have assisted clients with matters relating to:

  • Acquisitions – Negotiations and Structuring

    You want to be certain that things are right from the start, that you can actually do with the property what you intend and that you have flexibility where you need it. We are experienced in making this happen.

  • Contracts and Agreements

    Once you’ve got the ‘deal’ it is essential that the documentation provides proper protections and accurately reflects the parties’ intentions. We work hard to get this right for you.

  • Building Contracts and Disputes

    Your timeline is critical – the last thing you need is delay or trouble when you are ready to get on and build, or when a problem arises. We assist developers in getting this done properly, and to manage any problems which might arise along the way.  

  • Sub-division

    Whether it’s a duplex or a multi-storey strata subdivision, our knowledge and experience will help to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Dealing with the Land Titles Office and other government and statutory authorities, drafting easements and covenants all are matters we take in hand.

  • Sales

    Emil Ford uses the latest technologies to ensure that the sales process is fast and efficient, and we keep you informed at each stage. Our years of “off-the-plan” sales experience is available to you. 

  • Related Topics

* Boundary issues and disputes * Trees and tree disputes * Wall and fencing disputes * Compulsory Acquisition and valuation issues * Due diligence for developers * Contaminated land * Statutory easements * Joint Venture agreements * Construction and Development Finance * Leases and Licenses * Security of Payment Act claims * Liquidated Damages claims and Penalties * Temporary leases and licenses * Community Strata Title * Strata Management Agreements * Strata By-Laws * Easements and Covenants * Land and Environment Court Matters * Section 88B issues * Zoning and planning matters * Agreements with Infrastructure providers * Development Consent and Applications * Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment * Native Title and Native Species legislation

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