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Retirement Villages

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Emil Ford Lawyers have had an interest in retirement living for over 20 years.

We can help villages with:

. Constitutions - changes and updates   . Land & Environment Court Appeals
. Discrimination   . Occupational Health and Safety
. Duty of Care   . Policy Development
. Employment Contracts   . Privacy
. Employment Disputes   . Property Acquisitions
. GST   . Risk Management
. Harassment   . Tax and Rate Exemptions
. Investigations   . Village Contracts

Village Contracts

As retirement village lawyers, we advise residents and villages on retirement village contracts.


We advise on the operation of the Retirement Villages Act and Regulation.

Not-For-Profit Bodies

We have a special interest in Not-For-Profit and other charitable organisations.

Resident Complaints

From time to time serious allegations are made about the conduct of staff and residents in villages. The village has a duty to investigate the complaint and to carry out the investigation in accordance with the rules of natural justice. If the investigation is not carried out, or carried out in an inappropriate manner, the village can leave itself exposed to action by the person against whom the allegation is made. We have undertaken investigations for institutional bodies and advised on appropriate action to be taken.



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