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Trudie Strathdee

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DipConv — Wills, Estates and Adoptions Clerk

Trudie directs the administration of deceased estates at Emil Ford and has over 20 years' experience in this area.  Over many years, she has administered many estates including straight forward applications for a grant of probate and applications where the deceased has died leaving no will (intestacy). 

She also has experience with resealing a grant of probate where probate has been obtained in another country or state and the probate must be resealed in New South Wales in order to deal with assets within that state.  For example, she recently successfully assisted a client with an application to the Supreme Court to obtain a grant of probate of a will written on a hospital menu!

Trudie is the Emil Ford adoption clerk.  She has helped many couples to adopt children through a major church adoption agency. 

She also has experience in step parent adoptions.  In this area, too, it is nothing for Trudie to handle unusual situations.  For example, she helped a stepfather to adopt his adult stepdaughter so that he could give her away at her wedding.

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